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Casino Slot Types

There are many different slot types available in land-based and online casinos around the world. While certain aspects do tend to give certain variations better value than other slot types, in the end, it's up to the casino gamer to decide which slot type is best for them. In this article, we'll discuss the various slot types and what player's can expect when playing them.

3 Reel Classic Slots
3 Reel Classics are called such because they are modeled after the very first slot machine ever developed (Charles Fey, 1895). These slot machines have 3 individual reels, depicting an assortment of symbols, or images. These symbols are usually theme based (different fruits, playing cards, etc.) and, when combined into a matching pattern, create a winning combination. In general, it is easier to create a winning combination on a 3 Reel Classic slot machine, if only because there are 3 reels instead of 5, or even 7.

Most 3 Reel Classics allow the player to insert between 1 and 3 coins. Traditionally, 3 Reel Classics offer a single pay-line; the line across in the center of the slot. The more coins a player inserts, the higher the payout will be for a winning combination. Some 3 Reel Classics, however, will offer 3 or 5 pay-lines; 3 being the three visible rows across, and 5 being the same, plus the two diagonal lines (left top to right bottom and left bottom to right top). In these slot types, the more coins a player inserts, the more pay-lines they are activating.

5 Reel Slot Machines
5 Reel slot types work in much the same way as 3 Reel Classics except that there are 5 reels to spin, making it slightly more difficult to create a winning combination. In the same token, 5 Reel slots tend to present a better pay off. 5 Reel slots usually accept up to 5 coins per spin. By inserting all 5 coins, the player is activating the three visible lines across and two diagonal lines; left top to right bottom and left bottom to right top - essentially and X pattern.

5 Reel slots will offer a wild symbol that takes the place of any symbol necessary to create a winning pattern. For example, if 5 checkered flags is a winning combination, and the wild symbol is a trophy, combining 4 flags with a trophy would be a winning combination. Be sure to view the Pay Table on the 5 Reel slot for more information on winning combos and wild symbols.

Video Slots
Video Slots are the most frequently found slot machines in both land-based and online casinos. Video slots have become the preferred slot machines by many casino goers, attributed to their ease of use, diverse nature and the ability to incorporate a plethora of fantastic themes.

Video Slots usually come in 5 Reel and 7 Reel varieties, though 9 Reel video slots have also been developed. One of the biggest draws for players is the multitude of pay-lines commonly found on a video slot. Instead of the classic straight lines across and X pattern pay-lines, many video slots can range as high as 25 or even 50 pay-lines, zig-zagging all across the reels, giving the player many more ways to create a winning combination.

It should be noted that video slots with a high number of pay-lines can quickly become expensive. In order to activate all pay-lines, the player must pay one coin per pay-line. If the coin size is 25¢, and there are 25 pay-lines, the player must actually wager $6.25 per spin to activate all lines. For this reason, most multi-line video slot player look for 1¢ and 5¢ video slots to extend the use of their bankroll.

Video slots come in all kinds of well known brands and themes, from Marvel Super Heroes to Tomb Raider games and a whole host of Cleopatra slot games.

There's also well known game shows, Deal or no Deal, Family Fortunes, Wheel of Fortune and so many more!

Bonus Slots
Bonus Slots are the veteran slot player's favorite choice. A Bonus Slot is one that awards free bonus spins for combining 3 or more 'bonus symbols'. Bonus symbols, and whether they are available on a particular machine, can be found by viewing the Pay Table of all slot types. The more bonus symbols a player combines in a single pay-line, the more bonus spins they will receive.

When a player is awarded bonus spins, the Bonus Slot will automatically play them out. There is no need to press any buttons; simply sit back and, with a little luck, watch the money roll in. In addition, many Bonus Slots will award higher payouts for winning combinations derived from bonus spins. Try to find Bonus Slots with double payouts. These are often the most lucrative slot machines when a player hits a lucky streak.

Multi Spin Online Slots
Multi Spin slots are perfect for the player who needs a little more excitement every time they spin the reels. Multi Spin slots are most often found in the 3 Reel variety. The multi spin slot is played in the same way as a 3 reel classic, except that they are offered 3, 5, 6 or 9 sets of reels on a single slot machine. Each set of reels is activated by inserting a single coin for each of the individual sets of reels (i.e. 9 sets of reels - 9 coins).

Progressive Jackpot Slots
Last but certainly not least are the infamous Progressive Jackpot slot types. Progressive slot come in all varieties - 3 Reels, 5 Reels, Video Slots, Bonus Slots and Multi-Spins. A progressive slot is one that offers a steadily growing jackpot for accomplishing the best winning combination. Every time money is fed into the machine, a percentage of it goes to the progressive jackpot. The jackpot continues to grow in this manner until a lucky player hits just the right combination and releases the big prize. The jackpot is then reset to a predetermined starting amount, starting the cycle over again.

In order to release a progressive jackpot, the player is always required to bet the maximum amount of coins possible. Please keep this in mind when choosing the play a progressive slot. So many people have jumped for joy only to find they did not win the jackpot because they inserted 1 coin instead of 3, or did not activate all pay-lines, etc. Be sure to check the Pay Table to ensure you are playing by the correct rules to possibly win the progressive jackpot. One rules across all progressives is that a winning combination developed with the use of any wild symbol will not win the full jackpot, though the payoff should be quite admirable regardless.