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Slots Tournaments

Slots Tournaments are a fantastically exciting way to play slot machines, both in land-based and online casinos. While the thrill of competition is always a big draw to many players, the most enticing aspect of playing in slots tournaments is the fact that you know beforehand the highest possible amount you may lose - the price of the entry fee.

Unlike playing slot machines in a typical forum, where you insert coin after coin in hopes of the big win, a player of slots tournaments will never lose more than the buy-in fee. The whole idea behind a slots tournament is to put down a specific amount of money to enter, and the slot machine games are free from there out.

There are several kinds of slot tournaments found in land-based and online casinos. The most common is a slot tournament with an entry fee, as mentioned above. Some of these may require the participants to play the same, single slot machine, but in most cases, there is a variety of slots to choose from. The advantage to this is that the player can usually choose a slot machine they are familiar with. This aspect makes the slots tournament more exciting for the individual competitors. Playing on a slot machine you've never used before means you have to start from scratch, learning the ropes, reading the pay tables and understanding the possible winning combinations before you can truly enjoy the game.

Another type of slots tournament, less commonly found (for obvious reasons) are Freeroll Slots Tournaments. What makes them so preferred - and rare - is that they are absolutely free. There is no entry fee and no cost to play, while the winner(s) still receive a nice prize at the end. Risk-free slots tournaments usually have a limit on the number of players who can enter, so you must keep your eyes open for them and get your name registered before it is full.

In a land-based casino, once signed up for a slots tournament, the player is given a slot number and session time. The player must find the slot machine that matches their number and get comfortable. An attendant will let the player know when it is time to start the reels spinning. The rules work much the same way in an online casino, but without all of the walking.

Each player is given a predetermined amount of credits to be played within the allotted time period. Typically each player will receive 1,000 credits programmed into the slot machine, with 20 minutes to play through the credits. Players will use the 'Bet Max' option, deducting the maximum amount of credits with each spin.

All credits that are won will be indicated on a different meter, keeping them separate from those the player started with. Once time expires, the slot machine will automatically stop working, and all un-played credits are lost. There is no penalty for having original credits left over, but for obvious reasons, it is better to use as many as possible.

In an online casino, the scores are automatically tallied. A land-based slots tournament will require each competitor to remain seated while attendants make the rounds, documenting each player's final score. In this case, the player is often asked to initial their score as it was marked, verifying correct records and preventing mistakes. Since land-based casinos are limited to a specific number of machines, it may take several sessions for all competitors to participate. In this case, the leaders are usually displayed and updated after each round.

Once all participants have completed the slots tournament, the results are revealed and the highest scorers are awarded respectively.