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Slots Tactics & Tips

This article is intended to give both new and experienced casino gamers a few slots strategy ideas and tips to increase their profit margin while playing the slots. Slot machines are not like most other casino games, where a variety of options and wagers allow the player to increase their odds, but following the right slots strategy before and during play can have a great impact on your bankroll in regards to wins and losses.

First and foremost, I must reiterate that there is no exact slots strategy to ensure victory. Instead, a player can increase their profit potential and minimize losses by making the right decisions, most of which are decided before the player ever sits down at a slot machine. Note that these slots strategies can be implemented at both land-based and online casino slots.

Slots Strategy #1 - Bankroll Management
The very first thing a slots player needs to consider is how much money they are willing to lose, whether it be $20 or $200. Never take more money with you to a casino that you are willing to lose. Consider that you are, in part, paying for the excitement of the casino, and if you lose the amount you brought, it should be worth the fun of the experience itself.

If you are planning a 3-day trip to Las Vegas, decide how much you would be willing to lose overall, and split it up into three sections. Never let yourself spend more than was allotted for a given day. If you'd like to visit the casino twice in a day, split that days allowance into two sections, and so forth.

If you happen to lose the entire amount you allotted for that trip, do NOT let yourself spend more.

Slots Strategy #2 - Read The Pay Table
Always examine the Pay Table on a slot machine before you insert any money. In online casinos and on most video slots, the Pay Table is viewed by pressing a button. Classic reel slots usually have the Pay Table posted directly on the machine. What you are looking for is the payout in regards to cost. For example, one machine offers a maximum prize of $25,000, costs $.50 per credit, and accepts up to 3 credits per spin. Another machine pays out the same max of $25,000, costs $.25 per credit and accepts up to 5 credits per spin. The first machine would cost up to $1.50 per spin, the second costs only $1.25 max, but the payout is the same. Choose the second slot machine.

Slots Strategy #3 - Picking the Right Slot Machine
There are many types of slot machines that fall into one or more of the following categories - reel slots, video slots, multi-line slots and progressive jackpot slots. The type of slot machine you choose can directly impact your profit potential. Instead of covering the why's and what-for's of slots not to select, I'll simply offer a run down of what you should be looking for.

Double-Pay Bonus Spins - Find a slot machine that awards Bonus Spins for hitting the right combinations. Bonus Spins are the fastest way to rack up a significant win. Not only will you get free spins to play, most slots present double payouts while Bonus Spins are in effect.

Progressive Jackpots - A player should follow the same strategy as above when selecting a progressive jackpot slot machine. Make sure the jackpot is worth the amount you are spending. It is also very important to note how much it will cost to 'Bet Max'. I've never known a progressive jackpot slot machine that didn't require the player to bet the maximum amount in order to release the jackpot. This slots strategy also falls into the 'Bankroll Management' section - if you are going for the jackpot, make sure your bankroll can afford to play the slot machine for a long enough period of time to enjoy the experience.

Slots Strategy #4 - Payout Percentages
Every slot machine is programmed with something called a 'Random Number Generator' (RNG). Both land-based and online casino slots are operated by a computer program with an RNG. This program tells the slot machine what percentage of coins should be paid out in relation to how many have been inserted. For example, if a slot machines RNG is programmed to payout 95%, the machine will pay out $95 for every $100 put into it. However, the title coincides with the randomness of this payout. It does not mean that each time the slot receives it's 100th dollar, the next spin will award $95. The slot may payout this percentage over a long or short period of time, or even its entire life span.

If a slot machine hits the jackpot, it may not hit another jackpot for 7 years. Then again, it may hit another jackpot in 7 days, or even 7 minutes. The payout percentage will, over time, be exactly as the RNG was programmed, but it is impossible to say how much or little time that will take.

Slots Strategy #5 - Don't Beat A Dead Horse
If you are playing a slot machine and it just doesn't seem to be paying out anything, do not continue to play it. So many casino goers will steadily play a losing machine with the misconception that it must be preparing for a big win, or that it has to start hitting soon. In reality, the chances are against you. Once a machine has established a pattern of losing, move on to another machine immediately.