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Land Based Slot Machines

Land based slot machines are virtually the same as online slot machines, but there's something about walking into a brick and mortar casino that you just can't get over the Internet. It's a whole different atmosphere, an ambience that comes with the lights, the crowds and the excitement that emanates from establishment itself.

Playing land based slot machines isn't as simple as walking in, sitting at the first open seat and inserting a few dollar bills. There are various types of slot machines, each expecting a minimum coin size per credit. In fact, walking onto a land based slot machine floor can be an overwhelming experience in itself, due to the sheer excess of slot machines available.

The first thing a player should do to avert bewilderment is decide what coin size they wish to play. Most land based casinos have signs hanging above the extensive rows of slot machines that display the expected coin size for each row. Immediately look to the signs to find the area of the casino you want to scour for the right slot machine.

The next step is to decide what kind of land based slot machines you want to play. The common varieties are 3 Reel Classics, 5 Reels, Video Slots, Bonus Slot, Multi Spin Slots and Progressives; or any combination thereof. Let's go over a brief run-down of the slot types before we discuss the various buttons and options found on land based slot machines.

3 Reel Classics are the simplest type, normally accepting one to three coins per spin. There are three individual reels with an assortment of symbols that, when matched up correctly, create winning combinations. The more coins a player inserts, the more they will be paid for a winning combo. In general, inserting the max amount of coins awards a better prize in relation to one or three coins. For example, 1 or 2 coins might award a payout of 2:1 for a specific combo, where 3 coins pay 3:1, making it well worth depositing the full 3 coins per spin.

5 Reel slots are played in the same manner, but offer more ways to create a winning combination. These machines accept 1 to 5 coins, with each coin activating a different pay-line. 1 coin would activate the line across in the center of the slot machine. 3 coins would activate all three lines across, and the full 5 coins would activate three lines across, plus two diagonal lines.

Video Slots are land based slot machines that don't have actual reels, but rather a computer-style screen that imitates reels. These slot machines come in a plethora of themes, ranging from 5 to 7 - sometimes even 9 - reels across. The biggest draw of video slots is the multitude of pay-lines available. The pay-lines are not like normal reel slots, just going across or diagonal, but can also run in zig-zags across the reels. Video slot pay-lines can range anywhere from 9 to 50 in a single spin. Be aware, however, that it will cost one coin per pay-line activated, so it can become expensive if you are playing a high coin size.

Bonus Slots are slot machines that offer bonus spins for combining enough bonus symbols in a single pay-line. The more bonus symbols in the line, the more free bonus spins the player receives. Bonus spins are played out automatically by the machine, and depending on the slot machine, may award double payouts for winning combos struck during bonus spins. These are great land based slot machines to look for, so be sure to read the Pay Table for bonus spin info before playing.

Multi Spins slots are just like reel slots, but there are a multitude of separate reels on one screen. For example, a 3 reel multi spin slot may have 9 different sets of reels running with each spin. To set all reels in motion, the player must insert a coin for each set of reels, much like activating multiple pay-lines.

Progressive slots are those with a steadily growing jackpot. Each time money is inserted, a portion goes to the progressive jackpot, rising higher and higher until it is won. These are great slots to play, but be sure to read the rules of the slot machine as you will be required to bet the maximum amount and coins in order to release the jackpot.

Land Based Slot Machines - How To Play
Each land based slot machine has a number of button used to operate the machine, and a cash slot to insert money. Obviously, the player will first need to insert some bills. Note that $1-Bills are rarely accepted; you will need $5's, $10's and/or $20's. Once money is inserted, the player must select a coin size. A $1 slot machine will start the coin size at $1, but offer higher amounts also. Choosing your coin size will reveal how many credits you have to play. For example, insert $5, choose a 5¢ coin size and the slot machine will display that you have 100 credits.

All machines will have a 'Bet One' and 'Bet Max' button. Land based slot machines with a high number of pay-lines may also have buttons like 'Bet 5', 'Bet 10', etc. Pressing the Bet One button will use one credit, activating a single pay-line. The player can press Bet One as many times as they wish until all pay-lines are activated, or stop when the desired amount is credited towards the next spin. The Bet 5 and Bet 10 buttons work the same way. If the player wished to bet the maximum amount of coins, simply press the Bet Max button.

Once the desired wager has been placed, press the 'Spin' button to start the reels spinning. Note that pressing the Bet Max button will automatically put the reels into motion.

There are two other very important buttons that land based slot machine players should be aware of - the 'Help' button and the 'Pay Table' button. Pressing the Help button will display the rules of the game, as well as giving the option to call an attendant for assistance. The Pay Table button will reveal all possible winning combinations and their respective payouts, as well as any Bonus Spin information about the machine, if available. Player should always read the Pay Table before playing any land based slot machines.