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Casino Slot Clubs

Joining Slot Clubs is not something that should be passed over lightly. In fact, Slot Clubs can often be the defining difference between a losing session at the slots and a lucrative one. Even if you don't bother to read the rest of this article, take this simple advice...

Join the Slot Club at your casino!

Want to learn why? Excellent - read on.

Slot Clubs frequently reward their regular players with "Comps" (compensation) and or Cash Back. Even if you don't play very often, it can still be worth joining Slot Clubs. Let's say you spend $20 a month at the local casino, but it requires spending $200 to receive comps. Eventually, you will be rewarded, so it only makes sense to go ahead and join.

Perhaps you feel join Slot Clubs would be too much of a hassle? Actually, it only takes a few moments. When you enter the casino, look for a sign pointing you to the Slot Club or Players Club. If you don't see it, ask any employee present - they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

You will be asked to fill out a simple application - name, address, date of birth - and present your valid photo ID or Driver's License. ID is only required to ensure you are who you say you are, and that you are old enough to play. (Note: You will likely be asked to show your ID again when turning in Comp Points for rewards. This is to ensure no player uses another member's card). Be sure to ask if there are any specials currently available to new members. It never hurts to ask, but you may actually receive a gift!

You will now be issued your very own Slot Card. What are Slot Cards? Good question...

Slot Cards
Slot Cards, also known as Comp Cards or Player Cards, are the size of a credit card. Players who have Slot Cards insert them into the space provided on any slot machine in the establishment before they insert any money. The Slot Cards will keep track of everything the player spends and wins during the playing session.

When a casino sees that a player has spent a certain amount of money, they reward that player with Comps and/or Cash Back. The idea is to keep the player coming back to the same casino by giving them special treatment. When a player spends enough time in the casino, they are often awarded cash back, based on their time spent in "action".

There's no need to explain the meaning of "cash back" - I think we all know what that means. But you may be wondering what kind of "Comps" you may receive for using Slot Cards. Another good question...

'Comps' is a short way of saying 'compensation' - casinos like to compensate their loyal players, as they are well aware that slot fans make up the majority of their house profit; an average of 70%-80% in fact. Casinos are certainly not lacking in profit, and to keep that rolling in, they frequently give some of that back to the players.

Common 'Comps' include free meals, free tickets to shows, free hotel stays, even cash back. The comps a player can expect to receive depend upon the casino they are playing in. For example, a Hotel/Casino usually awards free stays at the hotel. Why? Because it keeps you there longer, spending more money during your stay. If there is a restaurant in the casino - and there usually is - you can expect meals on the house. The larger establishments, like those found in Las Vegas or Atlantic City for example, will have in-house entertainment - Wayne Newton comes to mind. These casinos will often give comps in the form of free tickets to whatever entertainment they have scheduled.

To Join Or Not To Join

If you've read even half of what I've told you above, you already know the answer to this question - Join the Slot Clubs! There is absolutely no cost or downside to joining Slot Clubs, but there are plenty of perks to make it worth your while.